Cammi is plotting

NikiPaprika on Aug. 4, 2011

She is plotting something rather silly indeed.
Yes, I'm still scribbling down ideas. Gonna have a major brainstorm about the comic one day.
But as for now, a plotting Cammi. I have a couple of more OA related pictures.
Only I'm thinking of changing the comic title, so there is going to be a move soon.
I will keep this up here, but the new name for Opposites Attracts will be “It Takes All Kinds”, url to come because I'm sure that title has probably been taken.
Sorry I haven't been on much, and I know I apologise everytime for it. My life, even during the holiday period, has been rather stressful now and again.
I have had an essay to resit which I have submitted but now won't find out if I pass or not until 25th August, and I NEED to pass this to get into 3rd year animation. I am fucking shitting my pants, but I did put a lot of fucking effort into it.
Even if I fail, I'm going to go there anyways. Fuck da police.
So yeah, I am already planning the first page in a re-boot of this comic! Though I just need to plan whole arcs ahead this time instead of just winging it ;;;
Will post more art in a day or two!