RDuncan on Sept. 27, 2014

What is the big announcement i keep bringing up, well we got the green light to do a tv show! that's right! WHO DA FUCKIN' MAN ? I AM ! We had people eating out of our hands at the convention and some producers saw us. They checked us out and then seen how well the crowd at the con was reacting to us and BAM ! Saturday night they approched us after the show and laid it out for us, they wanted us to be a flagship show for thier network! we should start shooting the first episode in the next two weeks. we hit it so big at the con we had limo drivers for haunted tour companies wanting to book us for personal apearances! It was weird how fast people got into what we were doing, when i went to diner on saturday night i got seated in the V.I.P. AREA. i didn't ask for that they just grabed me out of line and put me there. I was seated at the table next to the people from the rob zombie halloween movie. WHAT THE FUCK? I'm not sure why or how but we were on fire at that con. i have been to a shit load of conventions and sold comics but i never got that kind of attention, EVER !