Sorry for the delays!

RDuncan on May 7, 2014

Hey, sorry for the delays in posting. I have been trying to go back to school again as well as doing the paranormal stuff and trying to get the team ready to do cons. The problem is they tend to want to gather evidence but have issue's with review and cataloging the evidence. They are also not aware of how much work it takes to have a table at a convention. With a comic you get a table at the con and set the comic out. With the paranormal stuff you have to find the best way to present evidence in a loud crowded convention hall. You also have to establish your self apart from every dick head who can hold a digital recorder and a flash light and think they are big time ghost hunters. It's all about the evidence you can capture and how best to present it to the public. TV shows like ghost hunters and ghost adventures are cool but they tend to focus on the creepy factor, while we want to take a different approch to the paranormal feild. We want to diminish the creepy factor with a little comedy thus people will realy think about evidence with an open mind and ask why are they capturing voices instead of the focus being on the stigma that all paranormal activity is evil.