24 HOURS in the life of a ghost : Disclaimer

Biev on March 19, 2008

This was a 24h comic I tried to make a long time ago. I only managed to finish the first 12 pages in one go. I'm still working on completing all 24 pages (14 are done as I write this). They will be updated every Tuesday and Thursday, until I run out of pages. The new pages take me a full day to draw rather than an hour each, so needless to say the art gets tons better. The downside is that there will be no set update schedule once I'm all caught up.

Enjoy, and please check out my “real” comic, Fainting Spells.

Official site of 24ghost : http://www.biev.net/24ghost
Fainting Spells on DD : http://www.drunkduck.com/Fainting_Spells
Official Fainting Spells site : http://www.biev.net/faintingspells

~ Biev
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