Prologue page 6

ladypteranodon on Oct. 9, 2012

Ok. I honestly have no excuse for why this page is 2 weeks late. And I guess you'd expect a perfect page after 2 weeks of work, but it's not really. I didn't actually work on it for 2 weeks, I left it sitting on my desk untill two days ago, when I finally did all the shading. But it does actually look pretty good, except for the first two panels. It kind of reminded me of how bad I am at drawing people in profile. And I really hate the writing on this page. I just put it there so it wasn't completly boring, but it sonds terrible. But I couldn't think of anything better to write…
Oh, and I changed all my pages from chapter 1 to prologue. I decided I need a chapter title page thing. That will be the next page.