Top Ten
  • Banana Cream Cake
    Banana Cream Cake by DoctorSharktopus
    Adult, 701 pages
    A sexy futanari story about a futa baker as she sinks deeper and deeper into lust
  • Life and Death
    Life and Death by Joff
    Everyone, 1753 pages
    Mostly my own slightly warped view on Life, Death, and the world in general.. Not really, this follows the lives of Death (Steve) and Life (Bobby) Along with the other mythical/magical beings that clutter up the place
  • TransNeptunian
    TransNeptunian by El Cid
    Adult, 121 pages
    A Kuiper Belt space opera. Adult/NSFW
  • Mindfold
    Mindfold by fallopiancrusader
    Mature, 45 pages
    A Bronzepunk tale about two slackers stuck on a dying planet. They just want to spend their time refining their jaded attitudes, but they're too busy trying not to get killed.
  • Charby the Vampirate
    Charby the Vampirate by Amelius
    Teen, 1066 pages
    Kellwood- a burgeoning tourist town, where only a few know of the things that hide in the dark. Also Kellwood- a forest deeper than anyone realizes, another world where Faerie and monsters dwell. In between these two worlds, there is a cabin with strange inhabitants…
  • Magical Misfits
    Magical Misfits by magicalmisfits
    Teen, 1675 pages
    Two Dwarfs, Wheels and Boat are commissioned to start an institute in post war Terra. They are to promote understanding between the former enemy races. Wheels has a pet project as well. Study the Mythical magicless race called Humans that once walked Terr
  • Modest Medusa
    Modest Medusa by Jake Richmond
    Teen, 780 pages
    Medusa is five years old. Her mom is a giant snake. She comes froma magical land. Now she lives with Jake.

    Updates Monday, Wednesday and Friday!
  • Geminni
    Geminni by kaleygeminni
    Mature, 200 pages
    This is a story about a single mother, Kaley, and her daughter, Yun. See Yun as she goes through young life, surrounded by wacky members of her family and friends. Be warned! Her friends and family members include a sex-happy sex-shop owner, a boobs-obsessed little boy, and a ghost from colonial times with an appetite for raw chicken hearts. You have been warned! :3
  • public humiliation
    public humiliation by rmccool
    Teen, 2005 pages
    3 out of 5 pookas enjoy this comic..
  • DarkPassion
    DarkPassion by Prototype
    Adult, 64 pages
    Horror! Who or what is killing the people in the mansion?
Quail's Random
  • Little Miss Doomsday
    Little Miss Doomsday by Zac Crockett
    Everyone, 14 pages
    A girl finds herself waking up each day to a new and different apocalypse.
  • Space Hunter Nero
    Space Hunter Nero by Grave_the_undead
    Teen, 8 pages
    The year is 30,000. The Earth has been destroyed, leaving very few humans left in the universe. The Hunters are the more superior race. The hunters will forever fight off Alien enemies and protect the universe. This is the tale of Nero.
    Updated Saturdays
  • Virtual Realism
    Virtual Realism by The Jeremy C
    Mature, 3 pages
    What are those characters we play as or fight against in gaming really like? What do they do when we turn the console off? Can they function as a normal societey? You will now have that question answered.
  • Philos
    Philos by psychokookiefreak
    Everyone, 19 pages
    When conflicted with problems and depression, he was the one to reach out and comfort her from so far away. It brought to light as to how much she truly cherished such a friend, and it allowed their friendship to grow.
    Read Left to Right
    Updates Wheneve
  • Mollie
    Mollie by supermollie
    Everyone, 1 page
    me and the adventures i have at school my friends. oh, and we're also always cats.
  • GreyRune One Shot
    GreyRune One Shot by ashikai
    Everyone, 22 pages
    A short oneshot for my comic GreyRune. Complete
  • Sonics world
    Sonics world by Midnight
    Everyone, 27 pages
    not ur ordinary Sonic sprite comic
  • Testing Eve
    Testing Eve by Sephrenia MoonDragon
    Teen, 11 pages
    Eve, a girl with amnesia, lives in a small house with the most annoying room mate in the world. Throw in bad puns, identical twins, and a bishie obsessed with love, and you can see why Testing Eve is not only funny, but also too true for comfort.
  • Pokemon Newest Dusk
    Pokemon Newest Dusk by BardaX
    Everyone, 10 pages
    This is my new Pokemon comic as my bruv got into my account and deleted everything, even comic's on my document's, so, here's a new era!
  • 28 Losers Later
    28 Losers Later by StickMan1
    Teen, 8 pages
    From the creator of Loserfield, comes the original mini-series, now around a year or 2 old. A group of scientists unleash a toxin into the air vents of someones home, and the outbreak begins. Rated P for Poorly Drawn.
Latest Updates
  • Abejitas
    Abejitas by Lazarinho
    Everyone, 197 pages
    Daily life of a young married couple ( human-like bees )
  • Nightingales Den
    Nightingales Den by Hexingale
    Teen, 40 pages
    Nightingale's Den, a slice of life parody staring Nightingale Emperor. Follow Nightingale and his friends on real life adventure.
  • Cru The DwarF
    Cru The DwarF by cru
    Mature, 171 pages
    Follow along as Cru, a deranged dwarf with a questionable grasp on reality, and his elf healer Lora explore the World of Warcraft.
  • The Multiverse
    The Multiverse by TheMultiverse
    Teen, 1 page
    The Multiverse is an All In Good Fun mockery of the Superhero genre as a whole. What would happen if they messed up? What about their down time, how do they spend it? I'm excited to share my take on life as a superhero. Thanks and enjoy :)
  • Dragonet
    Dragonet by willgun
    Everyone, 472 pages
    A wizard tries to raise an orphaned dragon in a world of magic, war, and adventure. He soon finds out a dragon does whatever it wants…and he may make all the difference.
  • HardLuckComics
    HardLuckComics by ComicMan86
    Teen, 170 pages
  • Its Permanent
    Its Permanent by UltimateZ
    Mature, 163 pages
    At Alex's Inks Tattoos and Piercings, they follow 3 main policies.
    Be Courteous, Be Professional and Be Discreet.
    The last one is most important with really weird clients.
  • The Caffeinated Adventures of Nicyfit Nyx
    The Caffeinated Adventures ... by Nyx_k
    Mature, 2 pages
    Nyx is a lazy, caffeine and nicotine addicted, recluse of an artist that gets drug into some of the craziest situations. Join her on her adventure to becoming a comic illustrator, where she will come across ghosts, cultists, and the occasional dragon, but she might just stay in bed. Amongst the hijinks lays a little bit of truth in this parody of an autobiographical comic strip.
  • Elementalist
    Elementalist by rwallace
    Mature, 5 pages
    Issue Five of The Ruins of Hesh'imet. Bad things are happening in Bor'horat.
  • The idiotic odyssey
    The idiotic odyssey by Sephi
    Everyone, 1289 pages
    A Megaman Sprite comic. Follow all Capcom's characters of the megaman serie in a funny (I hope) adventure that will lead them far from home. Will they be able to overcome everything in order to come back? Spoiler alert, they will. But that's not gonna be easy. Update every day … Well at least I'll try.

    Special thanks to Darius Drake for his corrections.
Community Blog
Banes at 12:00AM, Oct. 20, 2016

The Drunk Duck Awards, 2016 are underway! Check 'em out here:

In the movie “The Innkeepers”, two clerks in an allegedly haunted hotel work on the last night before the place closes down. They deal with some odd final guests, both human and otherwise (maybe ...

Genejoke at 12:00AM, Oct. 19, 2016

Miracles by lex40515

I wasn't going to do another 3D comic again so soon but this one popped out of the blue and screamed feature. The Miracles are a team of superheroes formed by a billionaire scientist with altruistic tendencies. The team is unofficially government supported to combat the ...

ozoneocean at 12:00AM, Oct. 18, 2016

The Burbs video cover

In this happy season of October we come to that time of year again when Banes starts to get excited by Halloween! This year his idea was for us all to do a real time DVD commentary for The Burbs, that great comedy horror film ...

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, Oct. 17, 2016

Welcome to the presentations of the 2016 Drunk Duck Awards. NIccea will be posting three awards per day this week and then two awards each day next week.

As always, Niccea will be accepting acceptance/concession speeches and other extras to pepper in throughout the comic. She will set the ...

Tantz_Aerine at 12:00AM, Oct. 15, 2016

Hello, hello! As of today, I am in charge of the Saturday newspost- and you have Ozoneocean to thank (or blame) for that! If you want to get to know me better, I am a regular in the Quackcast where you can hear me be a Greek Person, and you ...

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