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  • Magical Misfits
    Magical Misfits by magicalmisfits
    Teen, 1740 pages
    Two Dwarfs, Wheels and Boat are commissioned to start an institute in post war Terra. They are to promote understanding between the former enemy races. Wheels has a pet project as well. Study the Mythical magicless race called Humans that once walked Terr
  • Life and Death
    Life and Death by Joff
    Everyone, 1774 pages
    Mostly my own slightly warped view on Life, Death, and the world in general.. Not really, this follows the lives of Death (Steve) and Life (Bobby) Along with the other mythical/magical beings that clutter up the place
  • Charby the Vampirate
    Charby the Vampirate by Amelius
    Teen, 1081 pages
    Kellwood- a burgeoning tourist town, where only a few know of the things that hide in the dark. Also Kellwood- a forest deeper than anyone realizes, another world where Faerie and monsters dwell. In between these two worlds, there is a cabin with strange inhabitants…
  • public humiliation
    public humiliation by rmccool
    Teen, 2061 pages
    3 out of 5 pookas enjoy this comic..
  • Powerup Comics
    Powerup Comics by ShadowGamer
    Mature, 485 pages
    A comic about gamers and gaming, and a psycho PS2 that wants to take over the world.
  • Essay Bee Comics Presents Fusion
    Essay Bee Comics ... by EssayBee
    Everyone, 450 pages
    Hello, Dear Reader! What follows isn't so much a comic as it is a viewport into another dimension where you can follow my life and my adventures as the superhero Fusion. Updates every Tuesday (with occasional Thursday bonuses).
  • Modest Medusa
    Modest Medusa by Jake Richmond
    Teen, 855 pages
    Medusa is five years old. Her mom is a giant snake. She comes froma magical land. Now she lives with Jake.

    Updates Monday, Wednesday and Friday!
  • Culture Shock
    Culture Shock by Hawk
    Everyone, 695 pages
    A medieval knight and a Japanese ninja are forced to share an apartment in modern America. Can they achieve their missions without destroying each other?
  • The Pirate Balthasar
    The Pirate Balthasar by dedasaur
    Teen, 2019 pages
    Castalia has been kidnapped by Circe. Her fate is unknown to Kane and the others. Her absence makes everybody feel uncertain and lost. Until a Messenger from the witches shows up on a golden ship to communicate what Circe's intention are and now it's up to Kane to do anything he can to get Castalia back.
  • simply sarah
    simply sarah by skyangel
    Mature, 647 pages
    Award winning slice-of-life comic about life, as seen through one girls eyes as she grows up feeling shy and different to those around her, but gains her confidence from helping those around her find theirs. Contains characters and scenes of an LGBT nature.
Quail's Random
  • Sonic and tails corner
    Sonic and tails ... by Ericthehedgheog
    Everyone, 168 pages
    A Sonic sprite comic that is 3 years in the making. Join Sonic and his friends as they go on hilarious adventures to strange for the video games. Prepare to enter the insanity that is Sonic & Tails Corner. Please? you know you want to.
  • El heroe de Odeim Armavel
    El heroe de ... by Nidoran042
    Teen, 0 pages
    La historia de Abdel
  • Random Megaman NT
    Random Megaman NT by SN08
    Teen, 28 pages
    In a world where screenshots don't make sense…
  • ePUNKS
    ePUNKS by matt_fatt
    Mature, 59 pages
    just a comic about life with bad art, its getting better though

    random update from 2015: man, i remember making this comic as a teenager and how much it meant to me back then. its really not good, both artistically or story-wise yet i still look at it fondly. i stopped doing this comic (and the other couple of thing i got on here) because drinking and depression and drugs became more important and i shut all my creativity in a little box and focused purely on trying to self destruct. i like to think i've learned many things in the years since i did this shitty little comic, the most important being that focusing only on your anger and hatred will lead you nowhere but in a vicious fucking circle. those emotions are important, but so are all of them, happiness, sorrow, grief, love, hate, everything has to be open. everything must be acknowledged or i'll never be complete. i'm working on a new comic, and i know i'm just writing this purely to me, but i hope to see it up soon.
  • Garrys mod madness
    Garrys mod madness by dragon_dude_401
    Mature, 1 page
    basically its a comic using Garry's mod and ragdolls. Having them entering quite odd situations and questions.
  • Megaman Zero
    Megaman Zero by Rage Nakasa
    Teen, 345 pages
    This story starts as Zero Dies at Ragornot…
  • Wonderbrain
    Wonderbrain by MangoFlush
    Teen, 16 pages
    This is not just satirical output from someone with no life.

    This is not just an excuse for the author to make fun of himself and the people he knows in the most boring way possible.


    This is Wonderbrain.
  • The Adventurous Hewie Huston
    The Adventurous Hewie ... by hurstart
    Everyone, 13 pages
    Follow Hewie Huston through adventures into his imagination as well as his life of being a kid.
  • Booze and Chicken
    Booze and Chicken by monkeychook23
    Everyone, 5 pages
    a comic about a guys life and its up and downs.oh, did i mention the booze,guns,and violence?
    Everyone, 4 pages
Latest Updates
  • Pokemon Regional
    Pokemon Regional by zenia
    Teen, 122 pages
    What if Kal-el landed in an anthro Pokemon universe?
    Commissioned by someone who wishes to remain anonymous.
  • Fantasticbrick
    Fantasticbrick by Fantasticbrick
    Everyone, 27 pages
    Comic strips that deal with everyday annoyances, silly situations and those inner imaginations inside my head.
  • Tales of Mage Angelo and Warrior AJ
    Tales of Mage ... by Modesty
    Teen, 42 pages
    A fancomic featuring my original characters Angelo and AJ as the playable characters from the Bioware Dragon Age games. Just stupid hijinks and fanfiction goodness.
  • Bring Your Wings
    Bring Your Wings by bringyourwings
    Mature, 9 pages
    All Dean ever wanted was to live the life of a normal teenager - to finally be able to blend in with the crowd. So imagine his delight when three winged creatures show up on his doorstep, announcing him to be the latest attraction in a world he never really believed in. And as if being put in the spotlight by higher forces isn’t enough, Dean quickly learns that humans are not the only kind of monsters he has to be wary of.

    Warnings: this story is not focused on but includes themes such as violence, abuse and suicide. Also, the winged characters are not terribly well-behaved, so they will probably offend your religious beliefs at some point. They are sincerely sorry though, if that helps.
  • Essay Bee Comics Presents Fusion
    Essay Bee Comics ... by EssayBee
    Everyone, 450 pages
    Hello, Dear Reader! What follows isn't so much a comic as it is a viewport into another dimension where you can follow my life and my adventures as the superhero Fusion. Updates every Tuesday (with occasional Thursday bonuses).
  • Froggtree Comics
    Froggtree Comics by skreem
    Teen, 1 page
    You would not believe the type of thing wots being posted in here.
  • The Billy Apocalypse
    The Billy Apocalypse by the cool potato
    Teen, 26 pages
    If you watch Jack septiceye this is the comic for you. Screw you billy!!
  • Ying and Yan
    Ying and Yan by TonyAlpsen
    Teen, 47 pages
    A weekly webcomic about conjoined twins who are polar opposites. Now updating Thursdays.
  • RainyPatches
    RainyPatches by DawnDragon
    Teen, 15 pages
    A funny (and sometimes creepy or cute) little comic filled with moments of the extremely nerdy lives of the characters Rainy and Patches.
  • Johny Pisstol
    Johny Pisstol by Daw8ID
    Mature, 30 pages
    Johny Pisstol is hand drawn comics about private investigator of the same name.

    Irregularly creates: David Jiricka

    English interpretation: Michael Cupples

    Official website:
Community Blog
Banes at 12:00AM, May 25, 2017

“I wouldn't give this guy's problems to a monkey on a rock!”
-David Letterman

Part One:

Part Two:

The Story so far…

Who is the Hero
What Does ...

ozoneocean at 12:00AM, May 24, 2017

Monsters are a part of every day life here. Monsters are ordinary people, you can even have little monster pets! But there are also dangerous, gigantic MONSTER type monsters. A special government military squad deals with these… if the vigilantes don't get there first! This is an exciting action ...

ozoneocean at 12:00AM, May 23, 2017


In this Quackcast we discuss the interesting notion that censorship can actually be a positive force for creation. Sometimes working WITHIN restrictions of censorship can make you more creative and your work a lot more individual, special and more interesting. I came to this subject after reading a review ...

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, May 22, 2017

Before I begin, I must preface that this news article is brought to you by the workings of a large iced dark roast coffee (black) and a large unsweetened iced green tea. This magical concoction of caffeine has offered a rush of thoughts and clarity to the regular thoughts that ...

Tantz_Aerine at 12:00AM, May 20, 2017

So here we are after the brief intermission, back to talking about archetypes from our friend Jung.
As of course is natural, all stories have to have a plot in order to be engaging and be in a position to make their points and get them across because the alternative ...

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