ADAM Page 68

Gaston25 on May 11, 2013

And we pick up right where we left off!

Sorry for the extremely long absence but I'll try to fill everyone in and catch them up to this point. ADAM has learned from Doctor Ross that he and Hauser were part of the same experimental program to make a better soldier for the military. Hauser was unable to cope with the enhancements and went insane. ADAM was declared dead at one point during the program but the enhancements brought him new life with no memory of his old life.

It has also been revealed that Hauser is working for Doctor Ross' old lab partner, Doctor Oscarson, who's plan is still unclear. Oscarson has managed to infiltrate the ADAM project as well, and sent Doctor Ross and ADAM on the run. While off the grid, ADAM and Dr Ross have set an ambush for Hauser and his men. Now ADAM looks to settle an old score….