Prefeace thing

Limzee on Oct. 23, 2009

This is how A.K.A. Limzee came to be! Sorta….
Corner Bunny is a physical representation of my driving muse, distraction, and depressed-ness. He'll often appear in the comics when I have writer's block, or if I'm being lazy. He tells me to do my work, but at the same time he tempts me to slack off. He only exists in my mind, (no one else can see him.)and constantly contradicts himself.
I'll bring other characters in later, when I make more comics. I'll try to update daily, but I have school right now, so that may prove to be difficult. Plus, I doubt anyone will actually read this. >->
If a day-to-day thing proves to be impossible, I'll just change my updates to weekends only.
I titled it A.K.A. Limzee, because Limzee isn't my actual name, it's just what I wish my name was. Of course, my real name will be used in the comic–I don't care if you people know it or not.

Oh! And this is a double update. Go back one page, yeah?

Also, sorry it's so big! I'll be sure to shrink the next one–but I'm using MS paint! >3<