Anti Featured Origins #7 ~ End

Locoma on April 12, 2014

And this wraps up the Origins story for Anti Featured. This is more or less what happened back then, I kept finding these webcomics gems, some where really bizarre, some really funny, some quite ingenious, but for different reasons they ended up piling at the bottom of the rank-pit. You might call them lack of a better cleaning system in Drunkduck, but I love that it has that. Exploring drunkduck's archive is quite fascinating. I used to do that with the web in general, but the phase at which servers renew themselves nowadays leave no room for unused space, so pretty much any site without maintenance gets wiped out.

So next week we go back to featuring comics, I hope you liked this new year's present and feel free to give your opinion if you think this is a good idea for Anti Featured and want to see more of it. Maybe I could do it as a parallel thing (as an extra update per week or something like that).