5 super stars vs J league

Locoma on May 17, 2014

NAME: 5 super stars vs J league
AUTHOR: algeya
LIFESPAN: May 13, 2010 - May 13, 2010 (less than a day)
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This comic showcases a nice mixture of action and humor and various different designs of characters. It really leaves you wanting for more, so I checked the author's profile. Turns out this is a short side project from the author of Pilli Adventure, a comic I didn't know much about. I imagined this was a side project since the art shows the author is skilled in the medium, but what I did not know is that his main project has 1100+ pages and has been updating constantly in Drunkduck since 2006! (or maybe even before). It's fascinating to browse his huge archive, you can see how the author gained practice and skills in comic making to reach the current point. In fact, checking the strips from 2006 I recalled seeing her character around, but I'm surprised I haven't heard more of this comic since.
check it out!