A Doodle A Day

Locoma on June 1, 2014

NAME: A Doodle A Day
AUTHOR: CaemusNoie
LIFESPAN: Feb. 20, 2008 - Jan. 11, 2009 (11 month/s)
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I hope you like my collage :P This webcomic presented a simple concept, but didn't really own up to it. It had a strange run too: the first half features pencil sketches accompanied by cool explanations about them, and the second half features digital (sometimes colored) sketches and a more consistent format, but no author's notes at all. All in all it was interesting seeing the artist experiment with the concept. BTW those are my utils and coffee on top of them.
check it out!
So, not only we have a brand new theme for the page layout, but we now have a THEME SONG made by the all amazing Gunwallace! It's SO 80's!