A Deviant Mind #3 Cover

houseofmuses on Nov. 29, 2010

I can see you shiver with antici…….



From previous comments:

@artdude2002 Yep. You bet. ;)
@kaleygeminni: Come on. You KNEW this would happen. :)
@cyberdog: Thanks. You know, you totally missed the shower scene. XD
@dueeast & dragonrider: That's right…I bet when they locate Tara they're going to make her get a mundane job to pay all this crap off. Could you imagine?
@Xatiav: Die Adrian wollte, sich zu engagieren, konnte aber nicht. Als Die den Arzt von Tara wurde, bestimmte Schutzgesetze manifestiert. Die müsse vorbehalten bleiben. ;)
Habe Ich richtig geraten, dass Du ein Belgischer ist?
@man in black & @ghostrunner: Both. ;)
@Dragonrider: Your autographed copies of A Deviant Mind #1 and #2 are on their way! Feel free to stop by here and let everyone know what you think about them. ;)