Page 50

wildcard on Oct. 2, 2010

Here it is folks my 50th page! :D
@demontales: Heh, yeah she did end up looking a bit psycho but since this seemed more amusing I left it that way.

@Roisin Dubh: Hate will likely be the last one to catch on ;)

@Nicotine: I'd hoped someone would spot that detail! And cheers on that final panel, took a while to get it right :)

Update: Right, I'm going to blunt about this - Hate's going on Hiatus. I know, I know, not all that long ago I was doing the whole stop and start thing, so I'll stress that this isn't me abandoning the comic, I will return to it but it could be a while, as long as a year even.

Why? Well, I'm starting an illustration MA and my project is (you guessed it) a graphic novel/comic. In some ways I'm quite surprised they accepted my proposal, but now they have it would be a shame to pass up such a great opportunity to do something more ambitous.

The thing is that I've never been much of a multi tasker, and what I'm planning is going to be quite a challenge. I think there's a Japanese proverb that goes along lines of ‘he who chases two hares loses both’. If I try and take on this project while juggling Hate I suspect I'll end up ruining both. Not to mention, my readership isn't exactly exploding at the moment either, though to anyone who was reading and enjoying it - my deepest apologies. For now at least I'm putting ‘A Girl Called Hate’ on hold. I'd love to keep it going but it just seems like a bad time. A hard choice, especially given that I just hit my 50th page but one which needs to be made.

On a slightly brighter note, my future project ‘Branch’ will probably start to appear on DD towards the end of the year providing things go to schedule. Expect full colour (yes, I can do colour!), twisty plotting and cyberpunk.

I know this is seriously weak of me, but the longterm payoff I suspect will be worth it. So, thanks for reading folks… and sorry…