PaulEberhartd on Oct. 14, 2009

Oh my, I've got loads of stuff on my mind, I hope I don't write to much. Well, this is the cover to my graphic novel.
Originally this was a 130-page novel of mine, that hasn't been published, though but while rereading the manuscript I figured that it just might hit the spot a good deal more, if it became a graphic novel.
As I've got a lot to draw still, it might take a while until I can start updating regularly. Eventually I plan on updating it once a week.
The comic itself will be in black and white only. If I did I'd never get anything done in time and I'm crap at colouring anyway. Ah, and before I forget: the original manuscript is in German and I already know of several people who might want to read it but don't speak English, but as this is of course an English website, I decided on putting two versions online, in one language each, with the English version being my top priority.
This is not a mere translation, by the way, as I want it to be as enjoyable as the original. I will rather do one or two panels twice than provide a bad translation. This will mean additional work for me, but believe me, it's damn worth it. If you ever watched the Simpsons in German, you know what I'm talking about; I mean, I'm sure you wouldn't like a page with e.g. Walter saying things like “Let's beat on the plaster” and me long-windedly explaining in the comments that he means he wants to have some fun that night and why this is a reason for him to bang his fist against the wall in panel 4. I'd rather redraw this fourth panel so that it shows him fetching a bucket and a paint brush and him loudly announcing that he's going out to paint the town red. I think you can see my point. This is just an example, not an actual scene, so no spoiler there ;-).
Please don't be too cross with me if the updates aren't on time in the first few weeks. I've still got loads of shit to do.

deutsche Version / German version