Prologue Page 1

PaulEberhartd on Oct. 21, 2009

Yes, I admit this one might look a bit confusing and I promise, I'll use fewer, clearer lines as well as less and rectangular panels from the next page on. I just got a bit carried away after making that panorama view of Reihershausen, and having drawn no real comic to speak of for several years I couldn't resist trying out how much I could fit onto one page.

I still can't promise to keep a proper timetable on this one, but I think, I'll update it on Thursdays, just like my other comic, Master the Tiger.

Reihershausen is kind of a telling name as well as a parody on typical village names in that region. An appropriate translation would probably be “Spewton”. I thought long and hard, whether I should translate the names of places and persons, too, but I decided against it - the only exception to the rules I stated in my other comments, the reason being that knowing myself all too well I'd probably mix up the names of the versions. Also those translated name wouldn't fit the region. We're in Back of Beyond, Germany, after all, and I won't redraw every single panel, just to adjust the setting.
I'm of course open to any suggestions.

German version