Chapter 1 - Page 13 (St. Patrick's Day edition)

PaulEberhartd on March 15, 2010

And thus ends chapter 1. As it's St. Patrick's Day I thought: why not make a page in green? So I simply used green pens instead of black ones. It's such an obvious thing to do, that it really makes me wonder why I haven't seen anyone else do that yet.

I'm not Irish, I'm not even Catholic. Still I am fond of the celebrations I was able to take part in so far, and that I love Irish music surely plays a part in that as well. I plan on going to Ireland for one or two terms some day but I still don't know when.
I hope I got the “May the blessings of St. Patrick be upon you” right. If there's any Gaelic speakers around I'd really appreciate every comment. (of course I appreciate everyone else's as well)

As Drunk Duck seems to have a problem at the moment, I also posted this page on DA:

ed.: Ah! The Duck's sobered up a bit now, so I could try a re-upload. Oh, and even though it says March 16th here it was already the 17th at my place when I first btried to upload it - just for the record.