Chapter 2 - Page 1

PaulEberhartd on April 13, 2010

Well, I said I would return, and here I am again! As I was too stupid to read my calendar correctly it's two days earlier than I had intended… but what the heck! I promised I'd update on the 14th of April and so I did. Unfortunately most everything else hasn't worked according to plan, so I still haven't got a buffer and therefore this comic might update a bit erratically during the next weeks. But then, I've never promised to update regularly before, but did anyway, didn't I? So I'll try and continue updating each Friday. Just don't be too disappointed if it takes me a tad longer at times.

Page description: Walter's not exactly a morning person, is he? ;-)
In case you're wondering about the tune he whistles in the fifth panel: it's called “Only our rivers run free”. My apologies to Christy Moore, as this beautiful song hasn't really deserved this kind of misuse.