61. Floaty Glowy

Ink_wolf on Sept. 16, 2014

You know the drill by now. 
Have another page, hope for another, yada, yada, yada…
I didn’t get this page done nearly as soon as I’d like to
have so I’ll see about posting some sprites in My Pit (Smackjeeves) as extra,
bonus, whatever.  If I had the
time/interest/drive I’d make it up to myself by making another page instead.
In other News, I did bother to make use of Drunk Duck’s
personal Forum…so yeah, there’s a Forum now. 
I don’t know how often or if I’ll be able to check it Wednesday thru
Saturday (due to an intense work schedule) but know that I will watch it like a
hawk every other day and should get back to you on any post within a day or
Finally, Thanks for sticking with me and bothering to look
at my drivel.  I’m trying to get myself
back into this hobby of mine but life keeps dragging me down.  Thankfully, your comments have the peculiar
effect of motivating me to keep going. If I can get twenty Comments (here and Smackjeeves,
counting once per person) I will GUARNTEE two updates next week.