FILLAH! omg >_

Veran on April 24, 2008

Yes, im deeply sorry for not updating for ages, the cause is that my scanner if effed, i cant scan the image right into photoshop. that means ill from time to time post my phail-paint-images untill my papa decides to fix it ^^'
this is a face (duh) i spent about one and a half hour making it ^^
also, a little rant (oh yoy) im playing world of warcraft, if any one of you is playing too, im playing at Turalyon, alliance, my name there is Azeru. Before i got my new pc i played on my moms portable, no problems there. When i bought my own for the money i got from my konfirmation (oooh typo!) i installed it there, after about ten minutes of playing (after installing it) the screen goes insane and gets “seizure” it flickers/twitches and i cant see a thing. A GREAT annoyanse! >_