8 - Holic

Hathi117 on Feb. 23, 2010

Took too long to make this. Tons of stuff going on though, a lot of family crap made things annoying…

D: Tainted White is going on hiatus! Sadfaise. Though it will return so that's all good. And that hero of a hobo is making some great art in the pre digital stages.

Fun Fact: The pants look like crap. But I made em sort of like jeans by using two filters layered on top of each other. Can't remember what it was I used though.

I honestly can't think of much in the way of fun facts about this pages production. Oh other than I was fully about to upload when I remembered like 20 minute details.

One last fun fact before I get a can of Arizona: Crap I forget. My Legend of Zelda Theme distracted me while I was typing. Meh I thought of a new one. In order to darken the page I put a black layer over everything, and then change the opacity so you can see though it.

I have this vague feeling I already said this one. But what I hope I didn't say was I got this stupid idea of using a really dark brown for the chair and desk, so I have to find a way to deselect just those areas when putting in the black. Which is a pain when they aren't on the same layer. I make things hard for myself huh.

Mmmmm more wall of text :P And more shame on drunk duck for falling off the wagon… and forcing me to upload the page way back 3 times only to have it revert to the original.