6) Welcoming the New Guy

maxcavsm on June 5, 2007

Son of a bitch, photoshop is getting easier and easier every time I open it up. A minimum of problems this time around, and it's helping streamline the whole production process.

The truth be told, I sketched this one out on Sunday, and it's already done on Wednesday. I just got lazy over the weekend. I can't get out of this World of Warcraft kick I've been on; not sure why it's important to me, but…well, I suppose I've got 8 million pairs of sympathetic ears out there.

Another issue is with confidence. I have problems just getting started, but once I have pencil and paper in front of me, I get drawing. I had a different idea when I sat down for this “introduction” to Ski and the rest of the fire team, and then I realized, “Duh, hazing anyone?”. Again, I sit down with an idea, and by the time I get to the last stroke on the last panel, it's gotten away from me and taken on a life of it's own.

Not that that is a bad thing or anything.

A few notes:
1) Brushing in the camo was much easier, but a little easy to cheat too on it. It's easy to skimp and just throw blotches in there.

2) My unit crest…just came up with it on the spot while I was actually INKING the damn thing in photoshop. I knew I needed a unit crest, and mentally gutted through it until I had something that looked like it could be for a real Airborne unit.

3) Anyway, that's it for now. Later, y'all!