Great King Rat

4bit FPS on Oct. 8, 2009

I was originally going to start regularly posting comics (mondays and ridays) this monday, but then I realized that I did have enough built up to start today.

This strip, while being the second strip, is the second strip I created. Some of my test readers have aleady seen it, and others not-so-much. I felt confidiant in going foward with Achievement Wh0rz with the reception that this comic garnered from the testers. So I dedicate this strip to the initial silent readers, hopefully this is the start of something long and winding into the future planes.

The conversation that takes place in this comic is actually borrowed from real life. It came about in a randomn turn of events while I was at work. I fully believe in what Bradberry has to say, but that is because I enjoy moonlighting as a supervillan while its slow at the J-O-B.

On Monday it will be the start of the first multi-strip story-line which will run for about five or six comis depending on how it feels. Achievement Wh0rz is still pretty fresh so the characters are still developing their full personalities. The multiple story strip will be new (in that it is not self-contained in one strip) and I think will help expand how the characters think. I can only hope to be as successful as fellow Drunk Duck comic Lego Space when it comes to unique characters and overall storytelling. That will have to be seen though.

Lastly, if you are not a member of the Duck and would like to drop me a comment or hateful remark you can do so by E-mailing me at AchievementWh0rz@********.com (change the “*'s” to “hotmail” to make it valid) You an also follow the creative process and random blabbering on twitter at