Artist wanted

jpn07 on May 20, 2007

I need help from someone who can draw. Somebody who can help me visualy represent my story, the story of Sergeant Adam.

Adam Malkovich was once the Commanding Officer of Samus Aran, but died during a mission to save Samus. This story is a spinoff of the metroid series, and is a prequel, dating before Samus became a bounty hunter.

Adam is a Sergeant who leads a team of six (6) troops, a tactical squad sent on dangerous missions to stop the spread of the evil threats that terrorise the Galactic Federation. The consists of a younger, less cautious Samus, a grunt named Houstin (big weapons, dim witted), a quick witted Marcus (specialises in technology), a quick and nimble Tracy (Biological expert), Max (Historical Expert), Sam (Transportation).

While the Chozo are largely responsible for Samus' strength, power and suit, Adam is Responsible for Samus'feelings towards life, namely human life. He is also responsible for the influencing of a major decision of Samus'. The Story will focus on Adam and how he moulds the young, undetermined, restless Samus into the “Hunter” we see her as today.

Any visual concepts you could send, or if you would like to see a sample of the story, please e-mail me at

Any suggestions are appreciated as well. Until an artist is assigned, there will be no updates.

Thank you