Adventures in a New World - Title Page

Ryexander on April 30, 2010

Before I start this comic I thought I should tell my potential readers something.

I only recently discovered that I could draw, about a week ago to be exact, have have been drawing off and on my entire life but I stopped several years ago. when I stared again recently I discovered that I had magically gained the dexterity to do it decently well.
I have been fond of webcomics since I discovered their existence about two years ago and upon my discovery I decided to attempt a simple web comic. this will be a hobby one that I hope I will enjoy.
I want to make one thing clear though. I never have an never will be an art student. my sister is a borne artist and is currently a graphic designer but I am an engineer, and net year will be pursuing a degree in aerospace engineering. I am just about the last person on earth that you would expect to find drawing fun.
the above means one thing. whatever I have learned about how to draw I have learned from my sister or an online tutorial. Photo editing on the other hand is a skill I have actively pursued in my life.
I will not be making any special effort to provide you reader with excellent art. I WILL attempt to provide you with excellent story. the above base coloring job is as far as I will ever go to provide color in my comics an it is very likely that some on the pages won't be colored at all as long at the line only drawing isn't confusing with out the color.
the above page was drawn by hand and then photographed with a digital camera. I went into Photoshop an used the god like pen tool to ink it and then used about ten layers and the magnetic select and fill bucket and a little bit of the brush to color it. this is how I will be doing all the comics as I am incapable of drawing on the computer with a mouse and don't have the money for a graphic tablet. believe it or not the method was quite effective.

now one more thing, contrary to what it may sound like I didn't just jump in to this. I actually did quite a bit of research on what was involved in the process of making a webcomic so please don't call me an idiot for just jumping in over my head.

the plot of this comic has pretty much been summed up in the description so I hope that you enjoy the story
oh and please make constructive comments, the kind that help me improve XD.
or just complement my work. :)