1 : 1 (The Highway or the Lowway? Anyway...)

Kikaru on Feb. 23, 2008

Weclome to Aegri Somina! A sieres that will either end with the first chapter or I'll force myself to keep going until someone commits patricide! It's about this dude, y'know? And he lives in the world that basically any comic could be set it. But he doesnt want to live it. He just wants endless peaceful days…is that SO WRONG?! ;-;

This is me forcing me to write, I've been lazy long enough. C'mon, go! go gogogogogo! Gah, the spinning @.@…So for this I revived one of my old stories, one that I have very little attachment to so I was very able to rip its existance to very fine peices then reasseble as something resembelling reprocessed beef. The same theme is there, but the origional was significantly more immature than this, I assure anyone who reads the words under the comic!

Oh, and, what is up with that bike? I should know how to draw a bike better, I used to work in a bike shop! *runs off crying*