Prologue #1 [1/18/06]

Dan on Jan. 17, 2007

Page 1 Unedited version

Hello thar! Wow, kinda got back to drawing comics again, using my classic shading once again. Let's hope that this one lasts, unlike the last one which barely made 14 pages, terribly done compared to now. Ah, well… the wonders of progression.

A lot of things have been changed, though. This time, I'm better prepared and I actually do quite some planning before moving on forward.

I'll try to update this comic once a week, preferrably on Tuesdays. Unfortunately, the next update will be on next-next Tuesday (January 30th)… unless I do something incredibly stupid and finish the next page by next Tuesday.
And I'll try to keep up with dates this time, even if I do have a lot of other things in mind. But compared to other artists here, that wouldn't be much of an excuse, would it?

Whoops, I rambled too much right now. As always, critique is always appreciated.

And please check out my other comic (Sprite comic), First Fantasy! Updated randomly. (God, I should spend more time on this now)