Guns don't kill people...

dogstarr on June 29, 2008

Chris: So, our first official page! Myna asks questions that she should already know the answer to, just to be annoying. That, and she likes to hear Kristof talk.

Adam: Howdy folks and hopefully potential readers! I wanted to give you all a brief introduction to the creators. This is our first work out together, ‘Our’ being Chris- the artist and co-author, and myself, Adam, co-author and lore nut. We're gonna start our updates at once a week and if you folks pressure- er, I mean, like it… we'll do more XD

This comic is a work of fiction and of course all rights go to EA Mythic and Games Workship, it being a Warhammer-based comic for those who didn't know. The characters are our own, of which there will be many more!