My Bio.

The_Sword_That_Heals on June 1, 2012

My name is Rafael Villodas, the man behind the art of Agüeybaná, Cacique de Hierro (Iron Chief).
I was born in New York City, January 1970. In my childhood, I always loved to watch and draw cartoon characters, spacially those involved in the lat 70s, 80s and 90s anime shows. At the age of 8, I saw my Dad draw Superman, my favorite superhero… and, as quick as I ran to look, I told him that I wanted to learn, to draw just like him, one day… to what he responded that if I put my heart and mind into it, I could even be better than he was. Well… Being quite dedicated to my dream… I started drawing. My first characters didn't look as fleshed out and defined, as the ones I draw now, 34 years later. I was the laughing stock of the neighborhood, because I was always inside, drawing, instead of playing baseball or basketball, with the other kids. I would constantly get disciplined for ripping apart my notebook pages in class, and start drawing… until my mother bought me my first drawing books. I loved to draw in those books, every day, after school. Aaaahhhh… those were the days… I drew almost everything that I could set my eyes on… from cars, to my specialty, humanoid mecha. It began with Mazinger Z, and it has no end. Now, this is my first publishing work, and pretty much, I am loving every single minute of it.I have other characters… but, this one, Agüeybaná… is one that I am more… how should I say… dedicated… familiarized… atuned to… forget it… what i mean is, that it's a subject, that involves all the aspects of my heritage… as a Puerto Rican, and as a part of the human race, which I will not stop saying, that it is at the border of it's own demise, with all the garbage that we read, hear, and watch on TV, that is going on. Oh, well… let's give my characters a little more life, in the next pages… I know you people want to read the comic, not read dumb stuff about some dude that decided to finally publish his own comics. Take this in mind, upcoming artists… IF YOU WANT SOMETHING… MAKE THE DOGGONE THING HAPPEN!  DON'T WAIT FOR THE YEARS TO PASS YOU BY, AND THEN, WHEN YOU'RE 60 YEARS OLD, YOU START REGRETTING YOUR LIFE, BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T DO NOTHING FOR YOURSELF, OR YOUR KIDS! (if you want to have some, that is… lol) 

With that said… I want everyone to take care, and from the very bottom of my heart… MAY GOD RICHLY BLESS YOU… ENJOY THE STORY!

                                           Best wishes,
                                           Rafael Villodas