Vengeance for All

Shimmer on Oct. 19, 2007

Yeah I know the page is huge; I had issue with the size so now you can all see all the crappy-ness…oh well

Yay! This is the first time I've SUCCESSFULLY drawn a full head-to-toe Hari

Now there are a few things on this page that some of you will regard as continuity so I'm going to sort the problem before I get any complaints…not that that many people read this anyway at this point in time:

1)Hari suddenly grew shorter? Yes I am aware that in the last panel of page two he was the same height as Cali but did you note the little arrow pointing at him? And in this first panel we see the rock and the arrows where it says ‘hop’…if you hadn't guessed yet he was standing on it; doesn't seem like an important ‘mistake’ but you'll see…

2)Where did Cali and Hari get their staff and sword? Hello! This is a FANTASY and the two in question are wearing WIZARD hats! Use your imagination people!

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