I'm back! But with bad news.

ReaperEX on Oct. 30, 2009

If anyone actually pays attention to the forums, they'd have seen this post from recently:
Well, I've got some good news and some bad news:
Good News: All of GCD's sprite sheets (except a few of them) are saved on my Photobucket account!
Bad News: None of Alexander and Lucas' sprite sheets are saved on there. All that's saved on there is the bases for the males.
What does that mean? Well, GCD will still be going on, my third project will have to be re-written (and possible simpler this time) and as for AL… Well I don't know what to do about it really, I've got no sprites for it anymore, no one else I know of got a hold of the new style for AL's characters, and while I could still go back and get the sprites from the comics, it still wouldn't have all the poses like the one on my old computer.

To conclude:
GCD will be started no matter what in the near future.
The third project will be done in some time, whenever I get a new computer.
If I get a new computer, I'll have the rest of the story I had planned out for AL written on here, since I don't feel up to updating it anymore since after all AL has been rarely updated due to current events such as trips and set backs. I'd rather just end it with writing that I can finish in a heartbeat than a series of comics with barely any sprites.
HOWEVER!!!!!!! IF I do get my old computer back and fixed, you all have my WORD that AL will continue it's updates like normally. Because if I do get it back, I'll have everything again.

If you're wondering “Well wait, he said his computer crashed, doesn't that mean it's dead forever?”
Well, yes, technically. However I do suspect this problem to be the cause of a virus I accidentally downloaded while trying to get a CD Crack for Hellgate London for a friend of mine. If the computer had actually CRASHED, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to turn it on and still see the loading screen (however that's all I see before it restarts and goes through the whole process again).
If I'm right, and it is the work of a virus, it should be fixable somehow and everything will be back to normal!

Now then, I have some good news and bad news:
Good news Part 1: I have a new computer! I got it sooner than expected thanks to my mom randomly giving me 520 dollars in coins last night.
Good news Part 2: The recovery of all my files off the internet pertaining to GCD is complete, now I need to redo all the sprite sheets I'm missing and complete the ones that need to be completed (another month or so work, if done non-stop…)

Bad news: Alexander and Lucas cannot be continued, I have no sprites for it. So, on wednesday I'll have the final moments of AL written up here to give it a final farewell.

On a plus side, I have another idea spinning around, and written down, I really feel like doing. It's a redo of AL, complete with an all new story and setting, but keeping those same characters you all love. If you wish to see it happen, I'm going to have a vote set up on Wednesday. That gives you time to decide if it's really worth it.

So, I'm sorry everyone that AL will not be finished the old fashioned way, but I hope you all enjoyed it while it lasted. Here's to other comics I'm sure to bring you within the next few months, and hopes they go better than AL did.