This Wasn't What I Meant

MagickLorelai on Nov. 24, 2009



Anyway, I'm actually glad to get this underway again. I may have something extra up for tomorrow, otherwise this is probably my last update for this week. This is gonna be a jammed weekend.

Also, if you're interested, one of the projects I'm working on is something called “Let's Playing”. For the uninitiated, it's kind of like a video walkthrough of a game, only instead of playing everything correctly, you just play the game and have fun with it. I've only got a few games up, but I plan on doing more.

If you're a fan of Zero Punctuation, did you know that Yahtzee has a series of games he's made? Actually, he's made quite a few. But there's one in particular that I'm currently playing my way through; the Chzo Mythos series. :D If you're interested in seeing them, Check out my Youtube Account.

If you do, be sure to watch them in proper order- 5 Days, 7 Days, Trilby's Notes, and (when I have it up), 6 Days.

Woo, those're some long Author's notes. Anyway, if I don't have something up for tomorrow. Happy Turkey Day!