That's a Nice Pod You've Got There

MagickLorelai on Nov. 29, 2009

What's this? Spacecraft? In a sci-fi comic about aliens!? WHEN DID THIS START!?


Short Circuiting: Yeah, he loves making independent games. Which makes sense, given his more popular career choice. He's also done a few webcomics.

OsakiLina: Thanks! :D

Limzee: Well, the archive is up for posterity, but we're in a brand new version. I hope that doesn't dissuade you from reading.

Kaede, Pokesam: I'm glad you're excited, so'm I!

SarahN: Now now, we're in a new version! Keith might turn out to be very sweet indeed. And thanks!

Ogre Fairy: Thanks! Perspective is one of my weak points.