pg.1 Monologues are for everyone.

finalfantasyfreak_07 on April 14, 2007

Ever notice how many comics are started by character monologue?

I know what you're thinking; “Where the Hell are the FF7 characters?!” >.> Relax. We'll get there in a few pages' time. So, as for now, I introduce an original character.

In keeping with a manga form, this page will be in color, but the rest will be in digital screentone. I promise you shall not have to look upon my horrid handwriting any longer than this. >.>; Please, continue to enjoy. .w.

Note: Yes, the update schedule will be set on each Tuesday, but because of a setback, I'm going slower than usual. The last few pages need to be completed before I start the schedule, so I thought I'd post this to say I'm not dead before I begin.