Chapter Three, Page 8

threeeyeswurm on Feb. 18, 2010

Gah, I am pretty nervous today because I am about to hand in my Zuda submission. >< That anxiety that you would feel when you are about to finish the project and judgement is about to come, that anxiety is really killing me. I am submitting it a bit later than I originally wanted to. I wanted to submit 2 weeks before March so that they have 2 weeks to look at it and possibly picking it for the March competition. But now I am submitting it only one week before. I really want to be in the March competitions because I am going to a bunch of conventions so it would be great for promoting it. I am reeeaaally hoping I can win.

Remember that anthology I told you guys about? The one for Cloudscape comics? Well, I am going to upload one page of the comic each week as our TWC voting incentive! Enjoy!

@Doctor Shadow, dude, I just wanted to say that you have shown us nothing but constant support so I wanted to thank you for that.

@Artificer Urza, nice anology. :D

@Rival Comics, Thanks!!!