a thing

raocow on June 9, 2008

Okay, so… I probably shouldn't say this yet because it's not decided but eh.

So yeah, I love drawing and stuff, just love, but writing has never been my forte, and to me it's a much bigger chore. But I love drawing, so I want to keep working on a comic and stuff. So me and a friend of mine have discussed the possibility of teaming up to do a thing, where I'd take charge of the art and the character design while he took care of the talky bits, with the story itself being a byproduct of the both of us.

Considering this particular story isn't really going anywhere, I don't particularily mind ending it now, if anything the somewhat abrupt end is totally in line with the other 129 pages. If it's an end, it wasn't decided yet.

But, I figured I'd warn you guys in advance, if something was to come up!

Don't worry, I'll update an extra page as well as the new adress(es) when/if/sauce the day arrives and stuff.