Stellar on Dec. 25, 2015

Little by little Anthem is getting the attention it needs.
I'm treating it's story like the novels I've written; starting with an outline, and now I'm making rough drafts for each story arc.
The good thing for anyone still watching this little slate of 1s and 0s is that while I'm writing the story there'll be quick little sketches that I'll be sharing, like this one of Autumn. And art of me trying to figure out how I want Anthem to be stylized. When I look back through these pages I see how hard I worked, and I don't want Anthem to be an experiment, I want it to be solid, and making all the pieces fit to that end will hopefully take as long as Madder Affairs needs to finish it's stories.
The main thing that occured to me recently, was what the essence of Anthem really is. The whole thing is an allusion to being creative. With what little of the story there actually is on display here, that may not make sense, but even five years ago with the little plan I had for Anthem it should have been obvious that the sum was the struggle of one creative mind.
For all of my own short comings in the creative process, the story is not and never was a parallel to my life. While Autumn and I may have found home and friends alone in a new place, where we both ended up and the journies there are far different. Both are too fantastical in completely different ways.
I'll stop babbling and let you return to your celebrations and new toys (=
Thank you for all of the good vibes and sweet dreams~