Track 2 Pg 6

Stellar on May 1, 2010

There are three things to be said of this page.

I'm terrified about showing the inner workings of Autumn's mind/soul/heart (however you want to interpret it), because these inner workings (along with all the other stuff that's going to be explained in this chapter) show how fucked up and confused I am.

Pipe organs are a bitch to draw. Jeez I really hate having chosen such a complicated instrument, but it's vital to it's purpose in more then just making music.

And I love drawing Autumn with wings. I especially love it because no one asked why she has wings. No doubt it'll be in the massive amounts of exposition this chapter will puke all over you eventually. I'm very glad you're all so patient with me =) (if that in any way is a sign of your patience)

I'm working on posting more then once every two weeks.. But I work, and listen to music, and swim, and create other things. And that last bit is what's making me fall behind. I can't help or stop my active imagination. Anthem is a complete story in my head so I've started thinking up new things. I can't stop myself. I'm sorry =(

I don't expect comments or anything, because of my tardiness. Thank you for looking =D Til next time~