Issue 2 Page 8

wildcard on April 15, 2018

Shock horror!… It's the most normal person in the village!

First use of tone for a page rather than pure B&W here. Hatching can only convey so much I find and the matter of ethnicity becomes something of a plot point.

It frankly does make me wonder if it would be worth toning everything, but I worry it would ultimately be another time sink. I could see myself getting too precious over making it look right and it would probably pile on extra days between releases. To say nothing of being a further departure from Apothecary Supreme's original style.

UPDATE (22/04/2018): Urgh, downtime happening here. Got some incoming freelance work among other things and a largely depleted backlog so I'll be out for at least a few weeks to build it back up.

Sorry folks! Hate stop-starting with the story but there are some schedule battles I can't win :(