RedSparrow on April 22, 2013

And we're back, another week another page to brighten up your Mondays.

I would first like to apologise on behalf of Red for the delay for this weeks page. It took some serious harassment by yours truly, but finally she uploaded the new page. And with this week we have some dialogue, that has presented a whole load of trouble.

For starters, who would have thought speech bubbles could be such a point of angst? Well not me, but I think Red has managed to sit these into the page nicely. Part of the problem is that comics are by nature (due to the panel format) not particularly fluid, but every artist want the page to look right and flow as you read, speech bubbles if not thought through can look stuck on and awkward.

Anyway, I wouldn't be surprised if the speech bubble change, although personally I don't think they need to, I just know what Red can be like :)

So happy reading y'all and see you next week for a (hopefully) on time update.