Mondenkind on Aug. 7, 2010


Hello there. Welcome to my first comic here on DD. I have to warn you, this is the first time for me for a lot of things. For example, I have never drawn a perspective scene before. I have never drawn a chibi before…there's a lot of things I have never drawn before and this comic will be my exploration into them. That said, obviously, don't go into this expecting amazing artwork because it's not gonna happen. I am a begginer artist. New to this.

Still, I have tried VERY HARD to do a good job on this, and am constantly working on it, if not on paper or on the computer, then in my head.

Two children on the run from their horrid keepers, their Nazi ‘father,’ and a woman who looks to the bottle in order to look away from the ghosts of her past find themselves entangled in an eternal feud that stretches beyond the bounds of imagination.

Two hundred and fifty seven years after the United States government set loose enormous, demonic, mechanical weapons known as Ravens to desecrate and destroy the world, it seems as though Earth has been utterly abandoned. The Ancestors of the Survivors of this tragedy live on a new planet named Balign, and are united under a quickly forming world government known as the Fifth Reich.

While all can remember how- the alliance with an alien power, the spaceships, the crowning of a Führer who had hid his face behind government schemes for many years - no-one can remember why.

Chassity Lorissa is a comely young Native American-heritage refugee living inside a rebel community out in the desert. As a child, she was forced to watch the bloody execution of her parents, and afterwards managed to escape from one of the racist Führer’s many death camps in a prisoner pyramid scheme. To this day the hatred in her heart burns like liquid nitrogen, spreading to those around her like a virus…mutating as it passes on.

Deeia Viriacuten was once a happy, healthy college student, going for a major in biochemistry and a minor in medicine, attending the regular meetings of the Jugend with his brother Marcus, watching a new world form all around him. But now… now he’s a self-obsessed madman…and by that mostly obsessed with his personal beauty. Founder of his own medical company, initiated into the SS at age twenty-two, and often given military leeway, it is Deeia’s job to design and produce mind altering drugs that keep the masses sedated and under total control.

Atreyu, a fourteen-year-old boy, and Mondenkind, a six-year-old girl, are two innocent children who have been held captive by the Reich since they can remember, moving from lab to lab like normal children would move from foster home to foster home. They yearn to experience the outside world deeply. And, even more so, they yearn to feel the embrace of a parent more loving than the fake one assigned to them.

Little do any of these four spiritual wanderers know…that they each hold immense power in their soul, power that can be used for good as well as evil, and that it is these powers that will connect them all in unimaginable ways.

And, as the threads of reality unravel around them, the battle between what is right and what is wrong will rage with an intensity no-one could predict.