#23 - Last-Minute Shopping: Shove That Double A Right Up My Nose

Beaums on Dec. 17, 2007

Sorry if the archives seems a little wacky guys, I'm in the process of adjusting them back to their rightful order. Stuff has happened lately, so that's just what goes down.

So this comic didn't make it in the December issue of Youthink Magazine, *cry*, but I think I know why. It's one of those “you had to be there moments”. This dialogue actually went down between my friends Will and Dmitri (in the hat). It didn't have anything to do with Christmas, but it was related to shopping. But yeah, if you had been there you would've found it way funnier, I don't know if it works here. I still like this comic though. The only thing I might have goofed up on is the last panel. The veins in his eyes were added digitally to make the punch-line at the end more effective, (but sshhhhhhhh! don't tell anyone!).

Nothing much else to say about this one guys. You'll notice that my next update is set for December 25th. Now you may think you might not get a comic on that day, but you're wrong! Come Christmas Day there'll be a fresh Attempted Fishmath waiting for you under your computer… tree… You've probably got more exciting things to worry about on the big day but hey, Fishmath will always be there for you. He's even willing to dress up as a sugar plum and dance in your head. …I wouldn't recommend that though… it's kind of creepy, I won't lie to you.

Adieux for now,