Chapter# 2 - Page# 2

Black Shimmer on Jan. 27, 2007

That new character from the doodle poo? Le gasp! Apparently he's dead…then….he is a ghost! Zombie? Creepy monster thing? Well…he does have horns. Horns of gold…I wonder if I cut them off, would I make some money? :B

I know I went a little bit lazy for this page. Crappy blurring, grainy, and the crack on the flying orb took me two seconds. XD Though, horned man looks very nice to me. ^^
- - - - -

@slimredninja - Thankies dude! :3

@rubygem - You KNOW it! XD I just want him to start singing that song..but he doesn't look like the singing kinda dude. Especially on this page…like he has a different personality entirely. .__.

@Emilythestrange - Ya think so? Poor mystery red haired wolf man is jealous…but little does he know he's just so darned adorable. No need to be jealous. XD

@Freakeh - Oh yes…mood rings…they are the latest fashion. You can get one at your nearest Claires. :B

On this page…it really does make it seem he forced the smile, though it wasn't really intended. Oh well, I still think he's one darn sexy beast. Even if he's all creepy on this page. I could never think mystery red haired guy of a jerk either with that little cuteness. X3

@Frail - You may hug him…as long as I get paid. BWAHAHAHAHA! XD Isn't it amazing how cuteness could totally change one's opinion on a person? That's what I was hoping for with that doodle poop. XD

@magickmaker - Poor mystery wolf man guy..yesh, it's sad…but it's made him appear to be the cutest little thing ever. New characters are always fun…but actually, Mr. Horned man I have been drawing for a long while. =D

@nigellashade - Little furry creatures are the bestest thing to doodle…expecially when they are deformed chibis. XD It does make you want to hug them, doesn't it? Hug them…you know you want to…even if they will feel like comp screen. And…well…here is horned man on this page. Surprise! O_O

@simonitro - Thank you SOOOO much for taking the time to read my comic. I'm so glad you approve. ^^ And yesh, doodling is a wonderful thing to do. So much fun~

You like my style? XD Tankies dude. Though…I do sometimes wish I could make it more shojo anime like…but I do see that way too much in comics. So..I'll keep doodling the way I do. The one panel things were both intended, yet sometimes just with pure lazyness. Guilty as charged. XD

I did get rather personal with some of the parts. The mother was based off a woman I know in real life…the school problems…the want-to-be-in-dream-land thing too…I've always wanted to know what it'd be like to be in my own world.

@Rydel6 - Tankies! Glad ya think so. XD

@kyupol - Thanks for the 5! ^^

@Joeyotaka - I'll be sure to be a creepy fangirl forever and ever and ever…MUAHAHAHA! Beware!

As for making friends here…well, I suggest just commenting around and introducing yourself. Read comments on other comics, to see what kind of things people will say. Most of them will most likely comment back. And it can become an exchange of comments thing…I've met some cool people here that way. =D