Chapter# 2 - Page# 3

Black Shimmer on March 8, 2007

WOOY! It's been so long since I've last updated. I had this one panel page prepared for a last minute, quick update. I want to add some more effects, but I am sort of caught up with some things.

In other news, I am working on an all new trailer for this comic! It shall have some pictures I've drawn of these characters in the past, some of the pages themselves, small cruddy “animations”, and VOICES! My friends have decided to voice some of my characters for me. Imma very happy that they wanted to help. Imagine red-haired mystery man with a girl voice. O_o

Sorry for the majorly long update. I LIVE!!! ^^


@Rubygem - Tankies~! I like it too. ^^

@Magickmaker - It adds to the scene, but I also just have a thing for sparkles. X3 And I'm glad you like his expression. He's one serious, mad looking horned man. XB

@Nigellashade - A lot of characters that showed up still have their story unexplained. X3 And I love the flying orbs…I'd love to see baseball players try to catch a ball that flutters away in the sky. ^^

@EmilyTheStrange - Thank you very much~! Though, the lines he says on this page doesn't make him sound like a poor guy, does it? BWAHAHAHAHA XB Well, you readers have a lot to find out. This page, even if it seems like it's giving away obvious stuff, you're really only getting a hint. ;D

@Oren - Thanks dude! I hope that my pictures and stories will continue to entertain you, as my other readers. :3

@Freakeh - I'll let you do the guessing. Mr. sexy horned man has a major part in this story, and I'm so happy that so many people are interested in him.

You really have a lot of great ideas of what might happen in the story. Sadly, I can not tell ya what the orbs represent or what they might do. You'll just have to adore their roundess and colorful wings. =D

And I'm very happy that you liked that page. It made me feel muy muy proud of myself, even if my current visuals aren't as great as I could normally do. Lazy arse Shimmer shall work harder after the trailer! *action pose*

@Frail - Tankies dude! You'll find out why he is a talking dead man soon enough….XD And drama always adds specialness to stories. Not even comedy stories can help but have a touch of dramatic scenes in them. Fun fun~ And yesh, the flying orbs are very adorable, so I've been told. XD

@Jillyfoo - Thank you! I'm happy you like it! ^^

@others - Thanks for the ratings dudes!!! =D