01 - Rainy Day

MarcusRaven on May 6, 2008

“BIG's Large Book of Useless Fact ‘n Trivia,” always shows up when kids are bored on rainy days. Lester and Everet are brothers who are just that, bored. Lester loves reading things, and Everet loves living them. With this formula, this comic is born. All of the useless facts and trivia I include will be REAL. There will be nothing made up, except what the brothers do, of course. But who is BIG, and why does his book mysteriously show up out of nowhere? Who cares? This is fun! ^_^

NOTE: This first page will cover the basic style. Black and white, hand drawn in Alias Sketchbook Pro. I don’t currently have access to my GOOD computer at the moment, so the bubbles and layout where done in paint. Future strips (which will appear every Wednesday, free time permitting) will be much nicer in quality. (Photoshop is your friend.) Anyway, if YOU know any useless facts ‘n trivia, PM them to me. They may be featured in a future strip! ^_^

EDIT: There’s a typo in panel two. Its suppose to be, “IT just came today.” I'll fix it some other time. >.