BGH#205 No One Likes To Be Wrong

theRedDeath on Aug. 8, 2006

I feel this way every time you palookas correct my spelling….

So now you finally get a clear look at the ominous evil emperor. He's far more than just a mixture of Dr.Doom and Magneto. He's the ultimate combination fo all the greatest villains! He has the cape and arms of Doom, the helmet of Magneto, the shirt and gloves of Thanos, the robe of Darth Vader, shoulder-guards of Sephiroth, the pants of the Joker, and the boots of…well really they could be anybodies boots since so many villains wear those things. I was thinking of the Enigmatic Man from Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix when I designed them, but you could just as well say they were Darkseids, or Vader's as well, and so on…

Basically he and his boots are very very evil.