Bad Sun 007

kohitsuji on Jan. 9, 2011

I'm back! Or am I? I hope so! I've decided to start drawing again and I really missed my comics. I really loved my characters. Since Bad Sun is so easy to draw I should hopefully be updating this a little more regularly for now. Until I run out of script… I'm also experimenting with the art still so… Yeah, deal with it. If we're lucky maybe one of my other better comics will be revived too. :3

Megan: Bah! Whatever. What are you doing tomorrow?
Jason: I dunno. Don't really have plans I gue-
Megan: Great! Wanna go on a trip with me and my folks?
Jason: Huh. Where?
Megan: Washington! It's gonna-
Jason: No thanks.
Megan: Aw, but-!
Jason: No thanks! Not on my top list of places to go, sorry.
Megan: You rather stay here and do nothing but be tormented all day?
Jason: Actually… Yeah, I would. What a good little sick masochist I am.