Page 002 (Chapter 001)

auto pilot on July 1, 2006

You know what I really miss currently? Besides the ever absent Miss Auto?…

Being able to eat playdough - and still look normal.

I used to do that all-the-time at kindy… or… play centre… or… whatever it was. Beh. That, and those cool jelly… jandles… things. The rubbery ones little kids used to wear. ‘Back in the day’

Heck yes… they were the shizzle nizzle… bizzle.


Geh. I love using three little dots in a row, it reminds me of… eyes…

Eyes of aliens!

Like E.T!

He was so cool… scary. But cool. I had nightmares for -weeks- after I saw that when I was six. Geh *shudder* good times, good times.

I never understood though, if he could fly with the bike at the end, why didn't he just do it at the beginning - and go home?! Goddammit! Movies are stupid!

I'm gonna go eat some more sugar… I've only had six packets so far…