Chapter 71 - A brave man... bug... detritivore... whatever.

ThatguywiththeFace on Feb. 3, 2008

Chapter 71 - A brave man… bug… detritivore… whatever.

Good art on this one. And finnaly the war is ended… the beetle and the flood stopped by xXNaziXx and his men… but what will happen now down in the depths of… Rapture…? Will xXNaziXx's men survive, Or be torn apart by the splicers? Will the big Daddy's feast on their adam, or will they feast on the little sisters…? All will be revealed soon enough! Also someone comment this I know you read it but it's so barren except for my gay ass notes no one probbably reads! I mean I bet i'm talking to myself right now. whatever…

Till then, laterz.