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bravo1102 on Feb. 16, 2016

Chinese superhero idea

*Three aliens came across a Soviet female Cosmonaut. Finding her the perfect specimen for their project they kidnapped female Russian soldiers from a secret military base to create a beam weapon system based upon a mind controlled human female. They christened it the Robofemoid.
*They were only stopped with a nuclear blast. However much of their apparatus was recovered for study by a United Nations Team. One set went to People’s Republic of China.
*The Chinese found that the entire process could be duplicated with Earth technology and set about creating a prototype.
The result was the NSFW-5. (the NSFW-1-4 being the alien efforts) The Chinese call the Robofemoid Nuxing shéxian feng wŭqi or NSFW. An exact translation is female ray abundant weapon. The project would be codenamed Weilan for Azure which was the color of the costume and beam weapon.
Some of the project leaders were otakus and influenced by Japanese Manga and anime.
>The subject was an anonymous abandoned girl orphan. Her past is a complete blank and all she remembers is the orphanage. She is very proud at being chosen for this project, of being Chinese and everything about the Peoples Republic of China.
Is convinced the government saved her from death as her own parents had abandoned her to die as an unwanted child.
Will readily admit it is recovered alien technology that of course is denied in the decadent west.
Mixed with native Chinese ingenuity.
Though she appears very young, she is in fact in her mid twenties.
She was initially trained as a translator (diplomatic bodyguard).
The Chinese scientists decided to sidestep the whole issue about being topless for crystal interface by choosing a very modestly breasted young woman.
*This also is in response to the decadent West’s obsession with large-breasted super-heroines.

The long bangs framing her face often cover her breasts. Another intentional design feature to minimize her being essentially topless.
Wei (her adapted personal name) is barely 5 feet tall. Her costume includes 5 inch heels on boots that match the pants.
>Her lower leg is covered in a silver chrome guard like her bracelets.

Project Azure.

This is the codename for her handlers/creation team.
Her location and status is tracked at all times.
Project Azure can access Wei’s sensory data as necessary, though usually she just speaks to them.
In extreme emergency Project Azure can take control of her and run her like the programmed automaton the robofemoids were originally.
When in full battle gear her speech becomes very clipped and mechanical
She will give status reports as necessary.
“NSW-5 systems optimal”
“NSW-5, beamers are at 30% switching to hand to hand.”
“NSW-5 hit from LAW rocket, exo-dermal armor optimal, no damage.”
Can give nomenclature of most weapons systems she has an encyclopedic memory.

When first introduced as Nuxing shéxian wŭqi-5 or NSW-5. have someone say “New wookie”? as it is pronounced new-shing shushen woo-kie.
She would just reply “Simple minded capitalist, Call me Wei” For a simple catchy superhero name Azure Ray will do. Weilan Shexian I like the first syllable so that is my personal name as opposed to my superhero name. Yes?

Powers and abilities

#Combat glasses with head-up targeting display with laser rangefinder and ballistic computer. Also have infra-red night vision. USB plugs into back of head with equivalent of Smartphone in her head.
#Can access the internet but only sees images on her goggles or a touch screen plugged into head.
#Can also access Wi-Fi.
#Has a first round hit of 90%
#Maximum effective range of beam weapons is 100 meters. Beam power falls off rapidly after that.
#Sustained burst is only 3 seconds.
#The beams are powered by the amplification of the electrical energy of her nervous system so sustained repeated use of beams can be exhausting. Limit is about 40 beams per 8 hours.
#She is an accomplished hand to hand fighter combining various Asian martial arts styles. Her stamina is nearly unlimited if confined to hand to hand fighting.
#She has increased strength and agility so can leap 25 feet from standing, and 100 feet from running start. She can leap 12 feet straight up. This allows her to use some movie-style “wire-fu” moves.
#Part of this power comes from her 5 inch heels.
#Jumping is about halved without heels.
#While she does have superior stamina and blindingly fast reaction time, her running speed is no faster than an Olympic runner.
#She has exo-dermal armor which is a force field powered by the energy of the neural impulses in her skin.
#She is essentially proof against all projectiles short of an anti-tank round and that would only give her a bad bruise and knock her off her feet.
(Mass and velocity equals a large impact. Tank round at 3500 feet per second and a projectile mass of 15 pounds)
#She is proof against her own beam weapons and any others of comparable power.
#A field disrupter can set up a resonance field that would incapacitate her by disrupting her crystalline matrix control network If the proper frequency it could shatter the crystals and kill her.
#Though she is not under a control someone with access to the control equipment could hack her matrix and seize control of her will. She has numerous safeguards against this and if it is done her fail safe system will cause her to fall asleep and await reactivation by her handlers.
#She has extensive knowledge of fighting styles and weapons systems and can rattle off specs due her previous training as a diplomatic aide.
#Speaks eight languages fluently.
This was actually a result of her education in the Chinese orphanage and subsequent training as a diplomatic aide and bodyguard.