The card that did pass muster. Maid outfit in the scary woods.

bravo1102 on Jan. 20, 2016

I love this outfit and she looked so good that when revisiting the picture for the card I came up with an entire plot just to have her wear the outfit.  And she may no be a magical girl wielding an orb of mana but she may be a katana wielding maid in the best anime fashion.  This outfit is Belle as a maid in a slasher film she appeared in before beginning her career as told in Aunt Trish. But maybe that movie was remade a couple of years later in the mold of the classic “Old Dark house” fright fest.

The Old Dark House genre was big in the 1920s-40s starting with a movie called appropriately enough The Old Dark House.  It was the classic about the reading of the will in the house with the assembly of relatives, the lights go out on a dark and stormy night and murder… Lots were done seriously and were pretty good as hokey as they look now. Many were spoofs including ones with Abbot and Costello and Martin and Lewis, the Ritz Brothers, The Three Stooges, Bob Hope, The Bowery Boys, Scooby-doo, Miss Marple and so on. Some added zombies or gorillas to the mix. One added a great dane and a bunch of meddling kids. One was the first play I did in high school. (Any Number can Die)

Well there is an outline and maybe I can pound out a script. Might give me an excuse to have my Lon Chaney jr, Vincent Price and Christopher Lee figures appear together. And got to have a maid with a katana.