Space Slave page 14

bravo1102 on May 17, 2018

This page really could have been cut. The only reason I let it in was Mary Anne (Brenda) starting with her exercise to hold on to a little part of herself. It's said that to survive such things as torture and long imprisonment you have to grab onto one little thing and just repeat it. One guy in the Hanoi Hilton worked on Pi, another would walk through a house, room by room examining everything there in exhaustive detail. Even something as simple as a poem or in this case a song. With all this talk of numbness, it is an appropriate song.

Stavka, NKVD, Gestopo, Cardassians all wish they had the stuff this Grey Gal has. Well, maybe not the Cardassians. Before putting this together I did see ST:TNG Chain of Command parts One and Two again. One of the better episodes to see David Warner and Patrick Stewart square off against each other.

I have to admit being a big David Warner Fan and prefer him to that other oh so cynical British actor Alan Rickman. David Warner played Evil in Time Bandits. I mean he also played arguably the most evil Nazi of all time, not once but twice! He portrayed Reinhard Heydrich the master mind of the Final Solution in both Holocaust and SS: Portrait of Evil .

And at the other end of the Germany in World War II spectrum Kiesel in Cross of Iron

One of favorite war movies and a good book too.