In the beginning: Aunt Trisha page 3

bravo1102 on July 25, 2014

Please note: THIS IS PAGE 3.  If you haven't read page 2 do so before reading page 3.  In fact page 3 won't make any sense outside of a collection of sepia toned photos unless you've read page 2.

This page will still be here.  Go read page 2 and come back.  

I only took one picture of the slasher and just put him in each picture to emphasize the sameness of the slasher.  It's actually my Captain Kirk figure wearing a hoodie.  If we're gonna call it a slasher movie might as well have something that'll do some big-ass slashes hense the large HUSSEIN-CHOP! kind of sword he's carrying.
This page also a bit about Trisha's back story.  The dad producing movies refers to Penny Marshall and Sophia Coppola, the rom-com hit writer referenced is Nora Ephron.  Yes it is traditional for female actors to have their own produciton companies going back to Desilu and Lucille Ball but hiring women crew and directors?  Very rarely.