BBF page 13

denji on Sept. 17, 2006

*bows very low* I'm very sorry for being late AGAIN!! you must understand how hetic things are…guuuh!!! XOO I'm sorry!!
But luckily i got it in only a day late…although it is almost midnight, so tecnically 2 days arrghh! XO…
plus i gotta do the enxt page tommorow! XDD;

I've just started college~ (that is highschool ?? (I think…) ) so..everything is crazy o_o;

Thankyou to those who commented on the last page, even if it was shite…thankyou Wyldflowa, for you made me better with a get well kissu~ ^3^

This page is badly toned…I hope i didn;t over do it? and who is this character here… ?? oouuu… XD;